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Tendinitis is a common source of joint pain that can keep you from playing sports or enjoying your favorite activities. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Ariana DeMers, DO, offers cutting-edge treatments for tendinitis at Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Sonora, California. If you have joint pain or restricted mobility, call or book an appointment online today.

Tendinitis Q & A

What is tendinitis?

Tendons are strong bands of tissue that connect your muscles to bone. When a tendon becomes inflamed and irritated, it’s called tendinitis. You can get tendinitis in any tendon in your body, but the most common locations include:

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Wrists
  • Heels

Many common sports injuries involve tendinitis, such as tennis elbow and swimmer’s shoulder. As a fellowship-trained sports medicine physician, Dr. DeMers offers the most advanced therapies for all types of tendinitis.

What causes tendinitis?

Most of the time, tendinitis is the result of repetitive movements that overwork the tendon over time. This condition is common among athletes and people who need to perform repetitive motions as part of their job.

Jobs that require overhead lifting and physical exertion, such as construction, or sports, like tennis and golf, may increase your risk of developing tendinitis.

How do I know if I have tendinitis?

Tendinitis pain often causes a dull, aching sensation in the affected joint. The pain may be worse when you move the injured joint or limb. You may also experience tenderness or increased pain when someone touches the joint.

Other common symptoms of tendinitis include swelling and stiffness that may make it difficult to move the joint.

Without treatment, tendinitis can worsen and lead to a serious injury, such as a torn tendon. It’s important to seek early treatment at Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine if you think you may have tendinitis.

How do you diagnose and treat tendinitis?

First, Dr. DeMers performs a comprehensive physical exam and reviews your symptoms. She may also take imaging tests, such as an MRI, to evaluate the condition of your joint.

Then, she develops a customized treatment plan that begins with the most conservative therapies available. Depending on your needs, tendinitis treatment may include:

  • Resting the affected joint
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching exercises

Dr. DeMers also offers Regenexx® injections of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. These injections use healing factors from your own body to promote healing and repair damaged tendons.

If your condition is severe, such as a torn tendon, Dr. DeMers may recommend surgery to repair it. She has extensive expertise with minimally invasive surgical procedures.

To get back to your favorite activities as quickly and safely as possible, call Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine or book an appointment online today.