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Board-certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained sports medicine physician Ariana DeMers, DO, focuses on long-term goals for improved health. She offers the most advanced technologies to help you avoid surgery at Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Sonora, California. If you’re experiencing joint pain or a sports injury, call or book online to schedule your orthopedic consultation.

Orthopedic Consultation Q & A

Why should I see an orthopedic surgeon?

Pain in your muscles or joints isn’t normal. Often, pain that lingers for several days or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as swelling or decreased mobility, is a sign of an underlying medical problem.

While over-the-counter pain relievers may temporarily improve your pain, they do nothing to treat the root cause. The only way to fully recover from an injury is to seek professional care at Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Dr. DeMers believes you should be able to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle without pain. That’s why she thoroughly evaluates your condition to provide an accurate diagnosis. With the most cutting-edge technologies, such as Regenexx® injections, Dr. DeMers can help you avoid surgery whenever possible.

What should I expect from an orthopedic consultation?

Your journey toward recovery begins with a comprehensive orthopedic evaluation. Dr. DeMers performs a physical exam and asks questions about your symptoms and medical history.

During your 30-60 minute consultation, Dr. DeMers discusses any injuries as well as the extent to which your pain restricts activities. To diagnose your condition, she may take tests, such as an MRI.

Then, she works with you to create a personalized treatment plan to help you return to your normal activities as soon as possible. Dr. DeMers is very conservative in her treatments and therapies, focusing on the most optimal outcome for you.

What happens after my orthopedic consultation?

After your consultation, you and Dr. DeMers will agree on a recommended course of treatment to improve your condition. The specific type of therapy she recommends will depend on the type and severity of your problem. Orthopedic treatments may include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Resting the injured area
  • Icing the injured joint
  • Stretching exercises

Dr. DeMers also offers Regenexx® platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections, which may help you avoid surgery. These therapies use orthobiologics, which are natural healing substances found in your own body. These injections promote tissue rejuvenation and reduce pain and inflammation.

In severe cases, Dr. DeMers may recommend surgery to repair damaged tissue. She’s highly skilled in minimally invasive procedures, such as arthroscopy.

To schedule your consultation, call Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine or book an appointment online today.